Reading Tamil Book without Seeing

Sudha Rajagopalan reading Washingtonil Thirumanam by Saavi.

"I lost my eye sight due to corneal problems in 2008. In the hope of getting my vision rstored, I spent the next couple of years focusing on several treatments. In the meantime, I was inspired by a visually impaired student who used assistive technologies (AT) to transcend his disability. I also wanted to lead a life beyond any limitation. Thanks to my family, friends and organizations such as Vista Center, I equipped myself with AT. I pursued my passion to be spiritual Story teller (Harikatha exponent). I use TTS (text to speech) extensively to search the web, watch YouTube, process emails and listen to recordings etc.

It was truly a dream come true when I found out that I could use Hear2Read TTS to read Tamil books."   — Sudha Rajagopalan, July, 2016