H2R Speak

H2R Speak is a small plug-in from Hear2Read.Org that reads Indic text by speaking. It uses Hear2Read Text To Speech engine (TTS Assistive Technology for users with Visual Impairment that reads digital text aloud) accessed over Internet. Hence it requires Internet connection.

The plug-in can be used by anyone (users with normal sight or visual impairment, including Dyslexia) to read web pages with Indic text. It currently supports the following Indic languages:

  • Gujarati (female voice)
  • Hindi (male voice)
  • Kannada (male voice)
  • Marathi (male voice)
  • Punjabi (female voice)
  • Sanskrit (male voice)
  • Tamil (male voice)
  • Telugu (female voice)

Once the extension is installed, it displays the Hear2Read circular icon (number 2 shaped like an ear) in the top right corner where all Chrome extensions icons are displayed – to the left of 3 dots for Chrome settings.

H2R Speak extension allows users to selectively turn it on for just one site, a group of sites or all sites. Clicking on the icon displays a drop down menu. Click on “This can read and change site data” to display three options:

  • When you click the extension (this enables it for the specific site only)
  • For a group of sites (such as BBC.com)
  • For all sites

H2R Speak reads one sentence at a time. When it enabled, 3 blue buttons are displayed at the bottom of the screen – Back, Play/Pause and Next. They are also spelled out for VI users who generally use English screen reader, such NVDA.

The sentence that is currently being read is highlighted in blue. One can use the Back/Next buttons to select the first sentence to read. It sends one sentence at a time to Hear2Read server in the cloud for converting the text to audio .wav file and plays the audio file sent by the server. Hence the pause between sentences is longer before longer sentences.

The TTS server used for converting Text to Speech has limited capacity. Therefore, depending on the demand the response may be slow at times. We will monitor usage and increase the server capacity as necessary.

Please send your feedback to feedback@Hear2Read.org.


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