Reading Without Seeing

Ashwini a 6th grade student at Govt High School for the Blind in Hyderabad (India) demonstrates how she uses Telugu Hear2Read App to read a book on Android phone.

Hear2Read is making tremendous contribution by helping Visually Impaired to be able to read digital content (text) in regional languages Windows PCs, android phones/tablets and Daisy readers. Good quality TTS software to read Indic regional language content was close to nothing before Hear2Read. By providing it free, it is helping thousands of Visually Impaired persons in India to pursue their academic career and explore new possibilities of employment. Knowledge is a fundamental right and unavailability of a text to speech engine made it very difficult for readers of many vernacular languages in India to gain meaningful knowledge at par with their sighted counterparts,", said disability expert Dr. Homiyar Mobedji, Program Manager for Asia and Africa at Benetech

Good TTS provides Visually Impaired the ability to read all of the material available to people with normal sight – SMS text messages, WhatsApp® messages, Twitter®, Facebook®, email, ebooks, documents, spreadsheets, presentations and websites.