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+ 2023-06-03 Helping the Blind to Read Through Technology ('प्रविधिमा दृष्टिबिहिन व्यक्तिहरुलाई पछाडि नछाडौं') download PDF

सन् २०३० को विकास एजेण्डामा ‘कसैलाई पनि पछाडि नछाडौं’ भन्ने विश्व संकल्प आज विकासका सवै सवालहरुमा उत्तिकै उपयुक्त र सान्दर्भिक हुन पुगेको छ ।

Helping the Blind to Read Through Technology (English translation) download PDF

The global agenda for developing information technology for the 2030's makes the resolution “leave no one behind” a criticalimperative.

+ 2022-03-10 HEAR2READ - Bridging the Digital Divide for Visually Impaired download PDF

Hear2Read, is a non-profit initiative, which uses Text to Speech (TTS) software to convert displayed text (on a PC or Smartphone or tablet) into audio. The text can be “read” from web pages, email, TXT file, Word or Excel or Googledoc or an eBook.

+ 2019-10-03 HEAR2READ, AN APP FOR ALL AGES download PDF

Google Playstore reveals that 3,500-4,00 visually impaired (VI) people in India use the Hear2Read app every day.

+ 2018-07-18 This Brilliant Project Is Making Education Accessible To India’s Visually Impaired. download PDF

Have you ever browsed the internet, our most basic need today, while being blindfolded? You would ask, what’s even the use of that?

+ 2017-11-07 This app is enabling the visually impaired by converting text into speech download PDF

Hear2Read is an open-source text-to-speech application that aids learning for the visually impaired. The application runs on phones costing as low as Rs 7,000 and tablets as low as Rs 5,000. Presently, there are six apps – one for each language.

+ 2017-08-14 Hear2Read presented the NCPEDP_Mphasis Universal Design Award for 2017 download PDF

This is a special tribute to honour those organisations who have been doing exemplary work in the field of promoting Accessibility and Universal Design and thus ensuring a life of equality and dignity for people with disabilities.

+ 2016-08-04 Android App Lets Visually Impaired in India Listen to Texts in Native Languages download PDF

Millions of visually impaired people in India may benefit from free, open-source software for Android devices that converts electronic text written in Indian languages into messages they can hear.

+ 2016-08-04 Hear2Read Launches Tamil Language Text to Speech Software App download PDF

Throughout his career, Suresh Bazaj, an Indian American computer software and networking professional living in the Silicon Valley of California, has had a yearning to help blind children in India.

+ 2016-08-04 App lets visually Impaired in India hear books in their native language download PDF

For the millions upon millions of visually impaired people in India, it can be difficult getting hold of the audiobook they want in the language they need it in.

+ 2016-08-05 Voices that bring mobile phones alive for the blind download PDF

Three Bengaluru-based volunteers for the blind have lent their voice to a software called Hear2Read that would read out text content on a smartphone screen to the visually challenged in their regional languages.

+ 2016-08-07 Carnegie Mellon University team behind smartphone, tablet app for blind download PDF

As a tech entrepreneur in Silicon Valley, Suresh Bazaj met people with visual impairments who achieved great success in the industry.

+ 2016-08-20 Expanding horizons download PDF

The popular Tamizh novel Washingtonil Thirumanam got a whole new review recently when Sundari Venkatesan and her students heard it at the Independent Living Skills Training Programme for the Blind and Visually Challenged at Mitra Jyothi in Bangalore.