A 5th grade blind student reading a book by listening using Text To Speech software on an Android Nexus 7 tablet.

Reading Without Seeing

TTS Enables STEM Education

TTS enables STEM Education

A Day in the Life of a VI Interview

A Day in the Life of a VI

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Bridging the Digital Divide for Blind and Low Vision Indic Language Speakers

  • Same quality of education for the visually impaired as for people with sight
  • Open doors to all professional employment and business opportunities
  • Empower people with visual impairment to become productive members of society


  • Less than 10% of blind children in India get any formal education.
  • 90% of people with visual impairment (VI) live below the poverty line.
  • Education is key to economic empowerment.
  • People with visual impairment must be able to access (read) digital information without printing it in braille which requires access to a Braille Embosser.


  • Text to Speech software allows visually challenged people to read digital media (email, documents, websites, e-books, etc.) just as people with sight do without printing it. (TEDx talk)
  • Open source Text to Speech software for Indian Languages that runs on low cost Smart Phones and Tablets allows access to digital content.